Do good to do Well Leadership

From the most solidary side side of Madavi, we are leading with the FPdGI the program “Do good to do well”. It consists on generating leaders based on “Do good to do Well” leaders with a “triple bottom line paradigm: Planet, People and Profit”. 26 young from different profiles, trajectories and aspirations have been selected to participate in the program.

The program is held during three weekends. At the first Summit, the weekend of 23rd of November, the young designed their own attractive image of future. The great Joep C. de Jong joined us during the Sunday, inspiring the participants with his experience and knowledge. A lot of energy and joy were present in the workshop.

For the next Summit the young are doing appreciative interviews to admired leaders. With this exercises, we will share our highlights and conclusions. We have great young with an extraordinary charisma and talent!