It all begins with a sponsor,
a person or small group of people that have a change agenda
and the power to create the necessary conditions for it to take place.
The secret is in changing the way we change

watch carefully

blast off

Change begins by infusing energy into the system, by mobilizing
many individuals in the same direction through the celebration of a Summit meeting.
Change is movement.

A Summit is a collaborative event for a group of people: 20, 50, 100, 200 or more.
During the Summit we bring together in one place
everyone necessary for achieving success and for creating
a common action that will move the company towards an engaging image of the future.
In the first Summit we experience the power of
change the way in which we change.


Common knowledge has it that if you develop the individuals, you are transforming the organization.
We believe that it is faster and more effective to begin
by creating a joint action towards a shared image of the future.

When we start to move, the need for learning arises;
the need for having new abilities and knowledge that will allow us
to advance towards that engaging image of the future.
As we see the result, we create new Summits with new challenges, putting
more people in motion,  thus channeling more energy into the change process.
When plans are exciting, they get carried out. Having to do something is one thing
and wanting to do it is another. The aspiration is to expand the process to reach
every single person in the organization.


This is the phase on which companies that want to follow this path of
expansive growth without external help embark.
A system that changes and grows organically, naturally.

We transfer new abilities to our clients:

• Experts in Changing the Way in which we Change, people capable of facilitating Summits or mini-summits
• Facilitation of teams or groups that become accelerators of the day-to-day activity

Together with the client we create the necessary organizational mechanisms
that enable everyone to be the source of change and learning.

change is in the essence of change

Our clients ask us to make their change agenda a reality.
We give them the capacity to simultaneously align all of their potential.
Together we get people to do what they should do because they want to.