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Why do our clients want to be our clients?

• To gain the ability to mobilize many around the same vision of the future thus accelerating the speed of change.

• To acquire the ability to use collective intelligence and action on a daily basis increasing productivity and the speed of execution.

• The ability to learn at a faster pace than the changes taking place around us.

Previous partners speak about us

With Madavi and Fernando as facilitator, I have learned to align the team towards ambitious objectives in a positive way, and to generate a collective movement that takes us to the next level in Salesforce Iberia.

Enrique PoloSpain Country Leader & Area Vice PresidentSalesfoce

“Thanks to MADAVI, we have had great success in recovering TRUST from our Dealers after 4 years of permanent transformation within the Volvo Group. As an outcome of the project, we have created several working groups composed of people, both internal and from our dealer network, who cooperate in a really collaborative, constructive and positive way.”

Fernando BernabéVolvo Trucks Sales DirectorVolvo Group España S.A.U.

Excellent work days in S21 sec with Madavi, designing the next steps in the growth and evolution of the company.The summit of “S21 sec. One team, OneCompany, One vision” was a success and allowed us to achieve a very high level of participation based on the strengths of the company and above all involvement and commitment with a large representation of different areas , departments, and geographically diverse and. To quote one of the catch phrases of Madavi, “achieving change through simultaneity” ( participation and involvement of a large number of people in the process of transformation and growth) and abundance ( avoiding that the participation and communication be reduced to the chain of command).

A great experience and a great team of professionals led by Fernando.

Congratulations to all The Madavi team for the work done with S21sec.

Agustín Muñoz-GrandesCEOS21sec

“I have worked with MADAVI and the truth is that the experience has been very rewarding and has increased my capacity to see problems from a positive perspective and from abundance and not scarcity, which tends to be our natural tendency. We did not know what activities or meetings we were going to do beforehand and the truth is that it has helped us to think in a different way, not only me but the whole team that makes up the company. I recommend one hundred percent that every company should do this because it strengthens the union between people of the same organization and directs them to a clear goal, helping growth and improving performance. Always in a positive fashion”.

Carlos Zapico ArgüellesFactory ManagerCongalsa

“I have been in the same company for 20 years. It might seem a long time or a short time depending how one looks at it. In these years there have been many changes and many companies within the same company. Fernando arrived in order for us to stop and listen to ourselves. He really helped us to truly see ourselves and align our strengths. In my case there is a “before and after”. The work he did with us helped to prove my belief that things can change. We used certain group dynamics which can be somewhat disconcerting at first but when put into practice generate change. Using them form an appreciative point of view towards oneself and to others makes it much more effective. Results? Yes you achieve them. This is not simply theoretical. Difficult? Putting it into practice is not difficult. What is difficult is to maintain and consolidate it. To maintain it there have to be people with the necessary energy to maintain it. At the end of the day it is a question of “changing the way in which you change”. The group dynamics, which could have helped at a certain moment for a specific project, will then serve to push forward another one and you will search for another dynamic for the new one. Fernando is the facilitator of this process, helping you to take off and fly and discovering all the potential necessary to evolve. He is an appreciative conspirator, the person who allies himself with others for the benefit of the whole. Thanks for everything ”

Cristina SendinoPlanning and Buying Director at Pepe JeansPepe Jeans

“For me Fernando is light, energy and wisdom”. Fernando has the light to see where others don’t see, the energy to transform and the wisdom to do so in an altruistic and disinterested fashion. Fernando is not a normal guy, you don’t know if he a friend, a coach, a master or an excellent salesman all rolled into one… I recommend you allow yourself to be carried along and to enjoy the experience.

Luis Marqués DefoinBranding LeadGoogle Spain & Portugal

“I want to thank you for our time together, it helped me reinforce and clarify my ideas, to eliminate preconceived behaviours, to add capabilities, to share and enhance each of the qualities of the people around me. In short, to evolve towards the future in a natural way without complexes, because the change starts with ourselves and that really depend on each of us”

Xavier CasañasCommercial Director AndorraBodegas Torres

“For me Fernando signifies transformation in its pure essence. It could be his paradox, the one that puts him among the best salesmen I know and yet the most altruistic motivation, aspiring to wisdom; it may be that unstable equilibrium that pushes you into movement; it may be his habit of “believing is seeing” instead of the usual “seeing is believing” that is contagious; or the ability to see people with huge potential where others see limited characters, or collective intelligence, where others see threats … even more contagious … I do not know what it is, but he transforms people, and the teams come behind, even though his primary tool is to transform people. A binding spiral bound that pushes you to your advantage even if you do not want to. Sufficiently confusing? …That is Fernando. Not an usual coach, it is an experience. Therefore it makes little sense to try to understand what he is doing before you live it. I have lived it and I am seeing how everything, inside and out, is transforming”.

José Manuel Cabrera PozuelosIT Strategy Planning ManagerRepsol

“I met Fernando during a business coaching process. I am extremely grateful for all the support, respect and affection that I always received from him. It has been a pleasure working with him for a year. Each of the sessions lived with Fernando not only helped me to advance professionally but were also of great help at the more personal level. I would like to congratulate him on his dedication, hard work and willingness to want to help change things for the better. I emphasise his professionalism, humanity and his ability to inject positive energy to those around him”

Sara RodríguezCountry Manager EuropeYoanny García

I don’t know if coincidences really exist, but we “bumped” into Fernando on our journey towards transformation and re-invention. First of all we were captivated by his path breaking, innovative and different approach. Later by his guidance in helping us learn how to bring out the best of each of us and to include other points of view, as well as, making us come out of our comfort zone. He has been fundamental in creating our own story of that future which we wanted to create. After this journey together with the blue stones, the strengths and abilities and many other “terms” which now form part of our way of doing things and have been integrated into our daily vocabulary. I thank Fernando for helping us to make this journey and to be able to continue enjoying the many successes that await us.

Eva LouzaoVP Cloud HR ServicesMeta4

“To say refreshing would be to underestimate the sensation of his passing through our lives (professional that is). Good coaches of any team sport, mobilise their players more by training the mind than the body. The ossified neurons do not remain indifferent to the brazen impulses which Fernando launches. When he asks he seems to give and vice versa. It is convincing because it overcomes reluctance, complexes, rules, and above all, because he manages that it is you who has pinned on this victory medal. Flying is the most serene activity you do when in his hands. Embark, do not tie on your belt and enjoy. That is all I would recommend with him”

Josu MadariagaResponsable for Customer ServiceEroski

“Through the work done with Fernando these years we have lived a genuine, personal transformation that I feel, and more importantly my teams feels too. Fernando has helped us connect with our best version and has been a turning point in our team and in each of us.
With a style which is close and at the same time with great precision and determination we have learned to manage conversational dynamics, to have a real interest in each other, to generate meaning in all of us, to ask in order to understand or to catching people when they are doing things right. These and many others are the treasures that Fernando has given us in “copy left.”
With this appreciative transformation not only you and your team will be better but also the results you get will be surprisingly positive. There is another way to be highly efficient”

Daniel KrauelVP Innovation & MarketingDanone

Fernando coached our team and in two days he changed the mindset of our entire team, grew the interrelations and created new ways of thinking within our company.

Bart DenolfInternational DirectorPepe Jeans and Hackett

“We have learned things, it has made us reflect, and we remember you as the engine of change in “Key”, the one who got us moving”

Pablo SantosSocio-directorKey Iberboard, S.A.

“With his look Fernando is able to see the best of the abilities of each individual and of the organisation, to then show you the way to reach all your potential”

Jordi FranchChief Commercial Officer Miguel Torres S.A.

“Working with Fernando is a real pleasure. Communication with him is so simple that in our first contact, we were able to make a full assessment of the situation, of the aspects to be improved in flawless fashion. Later in the coaching sessions, he helped me tremendously thanks to the fluid relationship, as well as, the tools that he facilitated for me in a practical and quick manner to improve areas identified”

Rosa CruzServices Partner Manager South EuropeJuniper Networks

“We have worked with Fernando Iglesias for a year and the learning and consensus acquired emerges frequently in our daily work. We shall continue to work with Fernando to consolidate everything learned and become autonomous in our path of development as a team”

Miguel HerdínGeneral DirectorWeleda

“You live a unique experience, very different from others. I value his creativity and adaptability to environments and people, knowing how to lead us back to the objectives set. It can be said, that he is not conventional and that the depths of his contributions do not go unnoticed, creating a unique culture in groups and in the organisation. I have been working with Fernando for many years and I hope to continue doing so for many more”

Sonsoles SeijasHR Market Director Spain & PortugalVolvo Group

“Fernando is a man who is committed to others and with himself. He transmits humanity from every pore and is not a non-mechanistic coach, but rather a profound coach. He knows very well the secrets of a multinational well and helps you to raise your gaze, to distance yourself from the day to day. By leaving our trench we get to transcend many of the daily troubles, we learn to look at life with balance and learn how to address challenges with more intelligence, generosity and perspective. Fernando brings pragmatism and helps you grow as a person and as a professional. It is a pleasure to work with him”

Carolina CaparrósFounder and AdministratorTalento Direct

“The sessions with Fernando have been enlightening and overwhelming at the same time. His broad culture and personal experience have been of fundamental support to me to open an unknown window to date, that of self-knowledge, leaving aside “having to do” to get closer to being, to my real self. His authenticity and enthusiastic approach allowed for a pure, genuine connection, which has acted as a great open mirror to show me skills so far ignored by me”

Josep BurcetCo-founder & Partner Acceleratebcn

“He seems a very good professional, who provides much added value to Organisations through a deep accompaniment and a maximum involvement with the client. The words I would use to define his work are innovation, creativity, vision of the future and “accompaniment”.
I think that he integrates very well all these features , with active listening and an ability to improvise and to adapt which is very high.
He is able to build a picture of the future, and “accompany” people during their journey, “the journey” (beyond a mere moment of impact, which is timely but lasts over time)”

Mario FernándezHR manager HQ LATAM Microsoft

“The integration processes between companies often creates new situations for many managers. This was my case. In a situation perceived as very stable personally, I moved to one where this perception came to completely change at times. That is when I decided that a “coach” would be very useful to me. And indeed it was. Fernando Iglesias helped me find the right tools to achieve adaption in an easy, fast and above all, a positive approach to the new environment. This allowed me to further develop my career and comply with my expectations”

Albert SarráDirector General Aresa (Salud)Mutua Madrileña

“Throughout our career we pay much attention to the planning of the business-tangible-aspects. I mean strategy, plan, objectives, resources…
However, we dispatch at a traffic light the planning of the movements relative to the other 50% of professional success: like how to handle the “soft” aspects of our career, relationship management, key influences to our success …, managing others and in particularly the one who we see when we clean our teeth. Fernando creates the situation to address these critical aspects of success; he brings wisdom and allows you to find the right way to be successful with people yourself. In this sense, not only does he help you in developing projects in which the human factor is important (150% of cases), but he helps you grow and enrichen as a result of his contact with you”

Francisco LloredaDirector ComercialTierra de sabor