An example to be followed: City of León, Mexico.

The city of Leon in Mexico is an example to be followed.

The University of Technology of Monterrey in its program of Tech Beyond, aimed at the principle entrepreneurs of the region, celebrated a summit with 120 entrepreneurs whose objective was to align the strengths of their companies to make León a better city for its citizens.

The Mayor, Héctor López Santillana inaugurated and supported it. I was thrilled because, Bilbao, my home town, was mentioned as an example of transformation.

Attached you will find the 11 initiatives that were developed.

As one participant said: “By benefitting we benefit”. It is the movement of “Do Good to do Well”. The only paradigme that goes further than sustainability. It is question of leaving things better than what we found them and as result being an attractive company for employees, clients and consumers.

It was a privilege to be able to facilitate this summit together with the expert in cities, Pablo Macías, and Mr Scribing, our fantastic graphic facilitator.