Strategic plan at Suntory Schweppes

We designed an strategic plan for Suntory Schweppes España for the next two years. Instead doing in the habitual way (some take decisions and spread it towards the whole organization), we worked with 165 people, a subset which represent the whole system (marketing, sales, factory, finance, logistics). It was created a short term strategy: Exponential Growth, and a medium term strategy: Growing for Good.

Like in all processes the most important is the preparation, so we held a Pre-Summit and an investigation process. Each of the people who took part in the two days and a half-Summit had previously made a former investigation work: interviews to consumers and clients, at the same time than investigation to other companies that makes Growing for Good.

Since this Summit we held last May 2019, emerged 12 short term Opportunity areas and 10 medium term Opportunity areas.