Processes of change at the point of contact with the customer

“The process of change at the point of contact with the client”, with all those people in Eroski who are in contact with the client in the shops. The goal is to become the supermarket chain with the best customer service, “to have the best customer service in the world ». The phase of the projects encompasses the 28 shops of Vitoria y Miranda.

We have carried out 8 sessions of “one-day summits” with over the 1000 persons who work in theses shops. We have inquired into “WOW” moments, those moments when you feel most proud of the service you provide the customer and also GREAT moments and stories of companionism.

Out of each” Inspiration” arose more than 100 initiatives and small things that the shops can do using their autonomy to the benefit of the client without asking for permission nor making excuses.