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To appreciate is much more than being positive

Good news! A new muscle has been discovered in the human body. It is the appreciative muscle and since we belong to the same species, we all have it.  A mass of tissue that by contracting and relaxing serves to produce movement. We have more than 500 hundred different muscles and with them we carry […]

Looking at the world from Abundance

By Ana García Villas-Boas, partner at Madavi.   In 2012, Nikandre Kopcke, a young woman, a New Yorker, half Greek-half German, a graduate in Sociology and studies of gender, wanted to do more for the women refugees in London than simply collaborate with an NPO. The majority of these women do not speak English, do not have a […]

How to transform destructive conversations into ones that are worth having?

We have had the initiative of starting a cycle of webinars with experts in Appreciative Inquiry, and have done so with Jackie Stavros, co-author of the book «Conversations worth having«, as our first guest. What is a «conversation worth having »? In this video Fernando Iglesias, CEO de Madavi, tells us, amongst other things, that a conversation that is […]

The three things which motivate us

Daniel Pink’s study is surprising because it questions via scientific studies  the dominating paradigm on motivation: if you want exceptional results you motivate people by a juicy bonus and you will obtain results. We are not horses: the carrot and the stick do not work if what you need is talent in movement. Pink concludes […]

The power of networks

From the small, neurons, to the universe, the galaxies are organized like interdependent networks. Yet the firm is an extreme case of dependence. Organizations are designed for dependence. You only need to study an organizational chart. It gives the impression that it explains a lot about the reality of a company but it only explains […]

What we do well

The pressure of the continuing growth of the human population was becoming an ever greater problem for the rest of the species. One day the Lion King called a meeting with all the species he could find, and addressed them:  “Dear Members of Biodiversity: we have got to stop competing among ourselves. The moment has […]