FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

FAQs Madavi

FAQs by anybody whatever their size or activity. In companies of up to 100 people two steps are carried out: Take off and DNA. Because we are facilitators, we use the strengths of the clients, which by definition are many, and their ecosystem.

Indeed, we work with many teams. On occasions it is the way to start and experience the power of “Changing the way in which we change”. The management teams tend to prefer to start first as a way of aligning themselves for the change that is about to come. The range of actions carried out go from the unity of the team to the organization as a whole. We work with individual persons as part of the process of change.

Once you decide to explore a disruptive form of proceeding, we Co-Create together the process itself for 2-3 hours. As facilitators we use collective intelligence from the very beginning. This session is free because it is prior to any agreement.

Our methodology is marked by the velocity of the change. The first two phases for a Company of 1000 people is carried out in 3-4 months.