is changing the way in which we change

Open your eyes wide…

Madavi is aligning strengths towards aspirations in the direction of opportunities.
We act upon the culture and business at the same time.

We are facilitators, that is to say, we make it easy.
By being appreciative, we see more strengths and potential in our clients than
they do themselves.

The voice of our clients

• Because achieving change is easy.
• Because the result is quicker and simultaneous.
• Because the road map, fruit of abundance, is more energizing.
• Because, by being more natural, the transformation comes to stay.

Clientes Madavi

What do clients most demand
from a business point of view?

They express it different ways: profitable sales, from volume to value, “The sales of the future”, and a long etc. Underlying it all is the idea that the strength of sales brings value and as a result a profitable order book.

They look for the client experience at the contact point with their employees, be it on the phone or on-line. They wish to increase drastically the indices of client satisfaction and experience, which with Madavi rises at the same time as that of the employees.

They speak of involving people, of rapid execution, of differentiation, of moving on to the digital era, each one expressing it in his/her style. “Do Good to do Well” is our favorite strategic process, because aligned with our purpose, it is the axis of change that generates most energy and motivation in the short and long term.

In all cases we deploy action plans right to the end by way of collective action. Once the plan is designed, we focus on the execution. We pass from blueprints to every person knowing what is good for the whole. Only movement generates movement.

Clientes Madavi

What do clients most demand
from a cultural point of view?

This the most common driver of change. Be it on a small scale like a department or at a large scale as in the whole of the company. It is an excellent axis of change. It is to work for those that have had the deference of choosing us and making our existence possible. The gratitude of clients is the most effective mental factor.

The majority of clients ask us to make the organization run smoothly,to make the transversality function. We elevate it to being really inter-dependent, a flow of co-operation at work that overwhelms the structure.

Our clients come to us with questions such as: How do we put that into practice? How do we become a company managed by values? Some clients want to create them and make them happen and others already have them and want them to become the heartbeat of the organization.

Most of clients look for the capacity to execute and the generation of change. We always add the team since one does not exist without the other. It gives it its raison d´étre. We like to move towards a facilitating leadership, that which makes it easier.

Transform your company in 3 steps

A take-off always requires a great amount of energy to escape gravity, and so align the strengths toward aspirations among many, creating collective action.
The first to start are the PIONEERS, a group that represents the whole system to be transformed. They have all the necessary strengths.
In this Summit, we physically or virtually, and simultaneously gather all the people involved in the success. Between 30 and 200 people during 2 to 3 days.

Mobilize everyone in the same direction, by multiplying the energy of change and each person being a protagonist.
Movement is what generates movement.
In each Impulse session, we gather physically or virtually, and simultaneously all the people involved in the success. Between 50 and 300 people, during 1 to 1,5 days in each one.

This phase is carried out for the most part in the day to day, in smaller groups, in short time periods and spaces that are self-managed. By acting on what is repeated, the change become irreversible and self-propelling.
By maintaining this dynamic over time, the system transforms itself in a continuous and natural manner, converting the aspirations in the “new normal”.
We insist on giving tactical knowledge to the client, a guarantee of sustainability.

Our method

Método Madavi

Change based on strengths is our flag.
Who bases their success on their weaknesses?

Appreciative Inquiry is our principal methodology.
Created by David Cooperrider, it is based on appreciating the best of what is:
capacities, connections, resources and possibilities. All that we DO have and gives us success.

Other methodologies which we use are:
Positive Deviation, Expansive Circle, Conversations Worth Having,
SOAR, Focus on the solution and Thinking Partner

FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

FAQs Madavi

FAQs by anybody whatever their size or activity. In companies of up to 100 people two steps are carried out: Take off and DNA. Because we are facilitators, we use the strengths of the clients, which by definition are many, and their ecosystem.

Indeed, we work with many teams. On occasions it is the way to start and experience the power of “Changing the way in which we change”. The management teams tend to prefer to start first as a way of aligning themselves for the change that is about to come. The range of actions carried out go from the unity of the team to the organization as a whole. We work with individual persons as part of the process of change.

Once you decide to explore a disruptive form of proceeding, we Co-Create together the process itself for 2-3 hours. As facilitators we use collective intelligence from the very beginning. This session is free because it is prior to any agreement.

Our methodology is marked by the velocity of the change. The first two phases for a Company of 1000 people is carried out in 3-4 months.

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