means spring

Madavi learns from the transforming principles of spring
and uses them for the benefit of the organization since all organizations are live systems.

A more appreciative world

Our purpose is to make the world more appreciative. If that thing you touch grows, you grow.

In which everyone sees the best of what it is

The potential, the opportunity, generating an attractive image for oneself and others.

Spring, Madavi, creates conditions
in which everything grows, according to the following principles:


Authenticity emerges from exercising our freedom

In freedom, the best version of ourselves arises


Seeing extraordinary in ordinary. Is it shit or is it manure?

We focus on what is best, we always find a lot


We keep an unconditionally positive attitude.

Naturally stuck to happiness


All our relationships are based on trust

That is why we dare that much


We are all important

We relate to each person with the same level of enthusiasm and collaboration


Simultaneity generates speed

We interact with the whole system

Do Good To Do Well

Our intention is always to benefit others

Generosity makes us all rich

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Powered by madavi

We offer our strengths, our energy and our talent
to non-profit organizations whom we love
and are aligned with our goal of
Do Good To Do Well.

In our Junior Leadership Campus of the Fundación Princesa de Girona we facilitated a program of Do good to do Well. The aim was to create leaders based on ”Do Good to do Well”, leaders who shared the paradigm of “Triple Bottom Line: Planet, People and Profit“. 26 young people were selected with different profiles, backgrounds and aspirations. The program lasted three week-ends. These Young people designed their own image of an attractive future, how they see themselves as future leaders. They designed the Principles of Leadership ”Do Good to do Well”. Based on appreciative interviews of admired leaders, they discovered their strengths and co-created their own community.

The Association Play and Train has as its goal to allow access, for people and their families with incapacity, to the practice, learning and training of recreational or competitive sport, independently of their capabilities, sex or age. The objective of Madavi is to convert into appreciative facilitators the people who make up the team of Play and Train in order to give service to companies.

Fundationc CRE100DO brings together more than 100 companies in the Spanish middle market. Its vocation is to develop a benchmark framework so its growth benefits our country, spreading ideas and practices for companies.
The team of Madavi has facilitated the session this year welcoming 5 companies who have now become part of the ecosystem of CRE100DO. We made the dynamic of the session with over 70 people, discovering the best of CRE100DO and its best aspirations for the future.