Transform your company in 3 steps

A take-off always requires a great amount of energy to escape gravity, and so align the strengths toward aspirations among many, creating collective action.
The first to start are the PIONEERS, a group that represents the whole system to be transformed. They have all the necessary strengths.
In this Summit we simultaneously gather all the people involved in the success. Between 30 and 200 people during 2 to 3 days.

Mobilize everyone in the same direction, by multiplying the energy of change and each person being a protagonist.
Movement is what generates movement.
In each Impulse session, we simultaneously gather  all the people involved in the success. Between 50 and 300 people, during 1 to 1,5 days in each one.

This phase is carried out for the most part in the day to day, in smaller groups, in short time periods and spaces that are self-managed. By acting on what is repeated, the change become irreversible and self-propelling.
By maintaining this dynamic over time, the system transforms itself in a continuous and natural manner, converting the aspirations in the “new normal”.
We insist on giving tactical knowledge to the client, a guarantee of sustainability.

Our method

Método Madavi

Change based on strengths is our flag.
Who bases their success on their weaknesses?

Appreciative Inquiry is our principal methodology.
Created by David Cooperrider, it is based on appreciating the best of what is:
capacities, connections, resources and possibilities. All that we DO have and gives us success.

Other methodologies which we use are:
Positive Deviation, Expansive Circle, Conversations Worth Having,
SOAR, Focus on the solution and Thinking Partner