Real and simultaneous 360º transformation in 40 countries, the marvel of online!

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A few days ago we facilitated “the post-post Summit” for change of ACCIÓ, the business competitiveness agency of the Generalitat of Catalonia. We were working simultaneously with more than 350 online attendees, from 40 countries. Not only was progress shared in the 20 most outstanding projects, but it also marked the beginning of a new phase, in which the entire organization is taking part in a real 360º transformation.

A Summit is a collaborative event involving many people: 20, 50, 100, 200 or more. When a Summit is held, it means bringing together at the same time and place all the people required to succeed and create collective action towards an attractive future image. At Madavi, we change the way organizations change; and to do so, instead of analyzing the problems, we investigate what we call “Summit Moments”, that is, looking at what DOES work.

The advantages of online sessions to facilitate teams

Today we review this ACCIÒ project with the aim of highlighting the advantages of applying the online format in our “Change the way we change” methodology. While in-person sessions have their value and have been used for a long time, and continue to be used, online sessions offer a number of advantages that cannot be ignored:

  • Broader, geographically-dispersed audience

One of the main advantages of online sessions is the flexibility they offer. Instead of having to gather all team members in one physical location, online sessions allow participants to connect from anywhere, whether from the comfort of their home, a remote office, or even while travelling. This eliminates geographical barriers and makes possible the participation of teams spread across different locations. As such, online sessions are accessible to a much broader audience than an in person meetings.

  • Flexible schedule

In addition to flexibility in terms of location, online sessions also offer greater flexibility in terms of schedules. It is easier to coordinate complex agendas to find a time when all team members are available for a virtual meeting. This saves time and facilitates collaboration among team members, as everyone can fit the session into their schedules without major difficulties.

  • Cost reductions

Another significant advantage of online sessions is the reduction in costs. By eliminating the need to travel and hire physical spaces for in-person meetings, online sessions are more affordable and accessible. This is especially beneficial for organizations with limited budgets, as it gives them the opportunity to facilitate change processes efficiently without running up extra costs.

  • More sustainable

Online sessions avoid travel, and consequently reduce consumption of many of the resources that are commonly used and emissions of carbon dioxide.

  • Process improvements

Likewise, online sessions offer a greater ability to monitor change processes. Online collaboration tools make it possible to take notes, ask questions, and monitor assigned tasks during the session. This facilitates teamwork.

  • 100% participatory

Finally, online sessions allow a more inclusive and participatory environment to be generated. By eliminating the intimacy of a physical meeting room, online sessions encourage equal participation from all team members. Everyone has the opportunity to express their ideas and contribute to the process of change, without feeling intimidated by the physical presence of others. And this is perhaps the most important thing! Because what we are saying is that they are sessions that are 100% participatory.

Online sessions exceed expectations

Online sessions far exceed the expectations of the participants, according to the experience of Madavi, the YES Company, a company that was born using remote technologies. They produce more positive energy; they mobilize people to action; they generate more intense emotional bonds and encourage the spontaneity of participants. As a result, more and more organizations are opting for this approach to achieve successful and efficient change processes.

Madavi, the YES Planet

Through our sessions you will transform your company in terms of opportunities. The Yes Planet is Madavi’s virtual platform, a place where everyone uses their energy and talent.

If you want to know more about what the online experience with Madavi is like, do not hesitate to contact us, here.


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