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From diversity to microdiversity, a step forward towards more balanced and profitable organizations

By Fernando Iglesias, CEO of Madavi We have belonged to tribes since the beginning of time; but today more than ever we live in a collaborative age in which we have many identities and affiliations with different groups. For this reason, in all social and economic spheres today, people talk about diversity. My proposal is […]

Can Appreciative Inquiry improve our health? YES!

Can Appreciative Inquiry (AI) transform our Health? And that of a team or company staff group? The answer is YES. With AI it is possible to change whatever we propose. And this is especially important at the present time, when organizations face the challenge of implementing policies aimed at improving the physical and emotional well-being […]

Positive organizations, “agents of change” for a better world

What is a positive organization? In this blog, we have spoken about this topic on numerous occasions. A positive organization asks questions about what works well, what gives life and what inspires. Positive organizations appreciate the best sides of things: the strengths, the resources, the opportunities. They are focused on exploring and discovering through inquiry […]

Customer experience in retail: the GREAT moment of truth

One of the most talked-about macro trends lately is customer experience. This is the result of many factors, but perhaps the most mentioned and least focused-on is the interaction of the customer with staff in the store. And it is least focused on because it is so unapproachable. A large retail company has hundreds of […]

Eroski, a success story in the retail sector

In a previous article, we talked about how to generate ambition and Sales results through Positive Deviation, that is, in essence, learning from the best experiences of each salesperson. Real stories and applicable learning. In this post, we continue talking about Sales and we’d like to share a Madavi success story in the retail sector, […]