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Sessions online Madavi, as good or better than face-to-face

The experience that our clients live through on the virtual platform of Madavi, The YES Planet, is full of positive energy! These online sessions, in which we reach a high level of participation, work “as well as or even better than face-to-face”, as our clients comment in this video, mobilizing the organization towards change. Do you […]

Boosting Sales in 3 phases

Download dossier One of the questions that all companies ask is how to boost their Sales, especially in these moments of transformation. At Madavi the YES company we have a formula to achieve: Increasing Sales Increasing Margins Aligning the whole organization towards Sales Boosting Sales in 3 phases:   Phase 1 – Take Off – […]

Facilitator of change or consultant?

  Little by little the term “Facilitator of change” is becoming known and accepted in the corporate world through companies such as Madavi, the YES Company, who are dedicated to accelerating and making easier the transformation of companies. But, nevertheless, the word “facilitator” generates some confusion. Frequently they ask us: a facilitator is the same as a […]

The appreciative interview is a potent tool which serves to impulse change in organizations

The team of appreciative facilitators of Madavi, the YES Company, have just finished carrying out appreciative interviews with 67 directors regarding their learnings in an unknown situation such as the one lived during the pandemic, with really interesting results.   Download the document regarding these learnings   What is an appreciative interview? The use of appreciative interviews […]