Our clients value their experience with Madavi, “madavillous”

We are delighted to present a new video with testimonials from our customers. On this occasion, REE, Vegalsa, Janssen, Pepsico, GSK and Eroski evaluate their experience with Madavi, our innovative methodology for change and in particular the results obtained.
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  • “It seems really innovative and revolutionary to have so many of us gathered together with such a powerful dynamic that it really makes you very focused” . Maite Vela, regional delegate for RED ELÉCTRICA.
  • “The methodology is incredible, working as a team so that the team feels good and then we also work on sales and business, to be more appreciative and to be, as we say, “MADAVILLOSOS” . Florentino Vázquez, business manager of VEGALSA.
  • “I think we’ve found a partner that can help us to keep working our own way but with another approach, with a positive attitude, building on our strengths and our DNA”. Alberto Zubiría, Franchise Director of infectious diseases at JANSSEN.
  • “What I liked about Madavi are all the dynamics that we’ve done and how everything flowed enjoyably, and with many details, but making sense” . Pepe, supervisor – PEPSICO. 
  • “We have managed to generate a spirit of collective enthusiasm, both to align expectations and develop inputs or improvements for a challenge we are facing” . Ángel Mahou, general manager of transport, RED ELÉCTRICA.
  • “I really liked the Madavi team, they are fun, the approaches they use for everything are different and innovative” Begoña Louro, head of hypermarkets and gas stations at VEGALSA.
  • “I was amazed by the team you have behind you, the support, it really surprised me very much”.  Magdalena Miranda, Product Manager GSK.
  • “It seems incredible to me that you’ve found a way, to do something virtual when it seems to require people to be face to face and you have managed to do it well in a different way”. Maite Vela, regional delegate, RED ELÉCTRICA.
  • “I thought, goodness me, 300 people! This is unmanageable and simply the fact that you have managed to make that work as a methodology, it seems impressive to me because I was extremely skeptical”. Daniel Pérez Varela, Canary Island infrastructure director, REE.
  • “So far, I would give it ten out of ten. We have been mobilizing the resources that Madavi is putting at our disposal and the result and the energy – you can’t ask for anything more”. Gonzalo Isabel, head of transportation planning dept. REE.

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