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Facilitator of change or consultant?

  Little by little the term “Facilitator of change” is becoming known and accepted in the corporate world through companies such as Madavi, the YES Company, who are dedicated to accelerating and making easier the transformation of companies. But, nevertheless, the word “facilitator” generates some confusion. Frequently they ask us: a facilitator is the same as a […]

The appreciative interview is a potent tool which serves to impulse change in organizations

The team of appreciative facilitators of Madavi, the YES Company, have just finished carrying out appreciative interviews with 67 directors regarding their learnings in an unknown situation such as the one lived during the pandemic, with really interesting results.   Download the document regarding these learnings   What is an appreciative interview? The use of appreciative interviews […]

How to be appreciative during a pandemic?

Organizations in the whole world have entered a new reality which few would have imagined at the beginning of 2020. In a few months  COVID-19 has transformed economies and organizations all over the world, but nevertheless, moments such as these also offer opportunities. In a moment of disruption like the present resilience can grow, human […]

The YES Planet, activates in an immediate manner and with speed the transformation

“In The YES Planet 85% of the time you are the protagonist” The YES Planet is the next best thing to being physically together. A platform where everyone uses their energy and talent. The participants connect with a simple click to an experience which is both personally close and highly productive, and which requires different interactions: Plenary. […]