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Madavi the YES company, on the program “Emprende” of TVE

On the 4th of February , Fernando Iglesias, CEO of Madavi, visited the studio of the program “Emprende” on the 24h Channel of TVE, to be interviewed by the director and presenter of the program Juanma Romero. Juanma Romero focused the interview on what we know how to do best in Madavi, the YES company: […]

“The appreciative culture promoted by Madavi has meant that Eroski now sees things in a different manner and has led to a great leap in client satisfaction”

We are speaking to…  Alberto Cañas, Director of Planning, Commercial Relevance and Clients in Eroski. Eroski is a very heterogenous large retail company, with supermarkets ranging from 100m2 to 12.000m2 and all of them share a very direct relation with the client. About 30,000 people work in the Group and it has over 3 million client […]

Conference “Changing the way in which we change” by Miguel Ángel Sanz in Asturias

Miguel Ángel Sanz, partner of Madavi, was invited by the Official School of Industrial Technical Engineers of the Principality of Asturias to give a conference on change and the differentiating methodology of Madavi in order to tackle it successfully with companies. In his conference «Changing the way in which we change », Miguel Ángel started […]