2021 in Madavi, “re-inventing ourselves in order to re-invent”

2021 en madavi

2021 in Madavi has been a year of re-invention. We feel proud of having done something totally new in little time and without losing sight of our purpose of “building a more appreciative world”.

2021 marks the beginning of a new stage of “the tribe of the appreciative ones”, in Madavi: The era of expansion. This means to grow – both as a company and as individuals – in our international expansion which is one of our dreams.

This global growth is possible due to the digitalization. 2021 has been a great year for Madavi The YES Planet, our online platform, which has had some spectacular results.

The online sessions are accessible to a much wider audience than the face-to-face ones. It allows us to work efficiently and simultaneously with teams that are geographically dispersed, whatever their location. Less logistical resources are needed and as a result a lower cost is had. And above all they are 100% participative.

2021, with our clients

During this year we have accumulated a tremendous amount of energy -due to the disruption caused by the pandemic- and we have focused on helping our clients to better their results.

We have worked online sessions with the great team of Trops, defining the principles of the organization, which we called the “Trops Gene”: that which makes them different, unique and unrivaled.

With the incredible family at Rastreator we have worked on transversal collaboration so as to think big.

We have facilitated sessions full of motivation and emotions with the great international team at Weidmüller España, with participants from Sydney to South Africa, to Germany, to Dubai and Madrid, and with the magnificent team at Startup Wise Guys, which is the accelerator of startups B2B with most  experience in Europe.

We continue to work the extraordinary people at Eroski  with the objective of aligning the whole organization and having the best Customer Service in their sector … And we have facilitated sessions online with more than 200 people at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, L.P.

AQ Acentor | Aquila Capital or Ric Energy, amongst others have been added to our portfolio of clients in 2021.


Transforming culture and business

With these and other teams we have taken on specific subjects, such as Sales, and others which were more transversal. We have worked Culture and Business, and always treating change from a new paradigm, that of abundance and strengths. In this manner we achieve that the change be quicker and more efficient.

In all these projects dozens of initiatives have arisen and been put into practice, «without asking for pardon or permission» and collective action has been generated.

The best of the hybrid work done in 2021

2021 in Madavi has been a year of positive learnings, not only for Madavi but also for our clients. We have all transformed in an accelerated fashion our work dynamic, and many companies have introduced for the first-time hybrid work models.

We are experts in identifying the best of what is in each situation, and that is why have been accompanying our clients in this process; helping them to take advantage of this hybrid format, as Ana García Villas-Boas explains in this video:

Methodologies necessary to have success in a process of change

And in all these processes of change, we have been able to count on with unique methodologies in 2021, which has helped us achieve our objectives.


Appreciative Inquiry  is our principal methodology. Other methodologies which we use are:  Positive deviationa form of change based on observing those people who achieve exceptional results compared to others with the same resources; The Expansive Circle, a methodology of Madavi which generates action in a team; Conversations Worth Having, , which are those that you come out of with more energy than with which you entered and with more ideas for success; SOAR, working with Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results, instead of the traditional SWOT; Focus on the Solution  and the Thinking Partner, a methodology which facilitates the process of reflection and co-creation in the work teams.

Looking at the world from abundance

The purpose of Madavi is to “build a more appreciative world”, and to reach a greater number of people. In order to do that we love to divulge the benefits of this paradigm. And so, in 2021, we put into effect the “Madavi The YES Talks”, a series of conversations that bring energy and give life and explain in a simple fashion what is complex, with arguments that are easy to apply and based on facts and on evidence. And also, of course, on abundance.

In these conversations, for example, Fernando Iglesias, CEO of Madavi, goes over the lessons learnt during the pandemic. You can watch this conversation here.

Fernando recalled the appreciative interviews  that Madavi carried out with 67 managers on what they had learnt in such a new situation as the one we experienced.

2021 en madavi

Download here the pdf «An appreciative look».

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