How to transform destructive conversations into ones that are worth having?

Jackie stavros

We have had the initiative of starting a cycle of webinars with experts in Appreciative Inquiry, and have done so with Jackie Stavros, co-author of the book «Conversations worth having«, as our first guest.

What is a «conversation worth having »? In this video Fernando Iglesias, CEO de Madavi, tells us, amongst other things, that a conversation that is worth having has a twofold result: «you leave after this conversation with more energy than that with which you entered and with more ideas for success ».

From destructive conversations to those that are worthwhile.

How do you transform destructive conversations into conversations worth having?  How do you transform an unproductive meeting into a productive one?

In this video we share a summary of the webinar which we organised with Jackie Stavros. We spoke to her about Appreciative Inquiry and “conversations” that are worth having.  “It is not a question of ignoring problems. It is a question of listening to what the problems are and construct a productive conversation. And if the conversation partners criticise each other, we need to take a break, listen to everyone and see what we can do, what is within our powers¨, she explained to us amongst other interesting reflexions:

In the opinion of this expert in Appreciative Inquiry, when things become difficult, it is very important to have a figure, a leader who inspires his team and enhances their strengths. “For each negative comment you make to your team you have to make 4 positive comments for the team to start functioning correctly once more”.

According to Jackie Stavros, when you give feedback to your team, «if you highlight the positive and show them your support in what they believe they can improve, they are going to be more receptive and will listen to you». The feedback has to be given thinking in generating feedforward, that is to say how to advance.

These messages are totally aligned with the methodology «changing the way in which we change» of Madavi and its leitmotiv «The YES company».

Happier and more committed to our work? YES!

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