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The pandemic has been a great catalyzer of change in organizations. It has driven the digital transformation of society and accelerated a series of deep changes in the way of working, organizing, collaborating and formation which will stay with us even when Covid-19 is behind us.

An example and proof of the magnitude of this change is the growth experimented in the last year of online sessions for team facilitating. In these months, managers and teams have learnt a lot about how effective we can be working and collaborating online. As well as, when it comes to transforming the business and cultural model of organizations.

The growth of online processes has been with us for a number of years. The pandemic has simply accelerated them. The globalization of markets and the internationalization of companies already made face-to-face work difficult due to the volume of employees and the continual need to travel from centers to center around the whole world. The new technologies burst through then a few years ago as the big allies of this challenge to communicate between teams.

The advantages that applying the online format brings has made visible the weaknesses many of the processes which up until now had been limited by physical space, and how these can be moved onto an online world bringing even more advantages than those obtained by conventional sessions.

The advantages of online sessions in team facilitating

According to Iciar Sanz Pereda, partner and facilitator of Madavi the YES Company, the online sessions bring with them great advantages, amongst which she names the following:

“The online sessions are accessible to a much larger audience than face-to-face sessions. It allows us to work efficiently and simultaneously with teams that are geographically dispersed, independently of their location. This requires of less logistical resources and therefore has a lower cost”.

“The online sessions also help with a small contribution in the fight against climate change, because as they are not face-to-face meetings, and traveling is avoided and as a result far fewer resources are used which normally would produce the emissions of carbon dioxide”.

«They are 100% participative»

And above all, Iciar Sanz likes to stress, the sessions are 100% participative. The assistants feel less intimidated and also protected by the screen, and this promotes their active participation”.

The online sessions greatly surpass the expectations of the participants, according to Iciar Sanz, together with the experience of Madavi the YES Company, a company that was born online. “These online sessions produce more positive energy; mobilize into action; generate more intense emotional bonds and encourages the spontaneity of the participants”, she adds.

The opinion of our clients regarding facilitating online

Enrique Colilles, CEO of Trops, shares with us his opinion: “At the beginning, I was skeptical with respect to online sessions, but truth be told it has worked very well; people have been very enthusiastic. The music, the presentations, the liveliness of the animation…. Has led to people participating as well as or even better than if it had been a live event. What I liked most about it was the communication that arose between all the people of Trops. We came together with regard to many ideas which we had in common and in a very positive sense, as well as, an infinite number of suggestions that occurred. The atmosphere created was surprising; an ecosystem of innovation; we started thinking in a manner we had not imagined that we were capable of doing”.

Madavi facilitated many different online sessions, in which over 250 people participated very actively, who worked for Trops, and in which the principles and aims of the company were defined.

Along the same lines other clients of Madavi have also opines and you can get to know their opinions on this link.

For example, for María Pescador, HR Business Head Consumer de GSK, this new concept “has allowed us to connect even more with the team”.

“The 4 mini summits that we have lived with Madavi has permitted us to learn how technology can be a tool to accelerate the process of change and despite the distance to be emotionally united”, points out Pepe Díaz, CEO de Artiem.

How do we do it in Madavi? Through the The YES Planet, our virtual platform.




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