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At Madavi we are celebrating our birthday! A year ago we announced the start of our expansion phase with the proposal to “make a more appreciative world, in which everyone sees the best”. If what you touch grows, then you grow too.

And, of course, it was about achieving this with the many. How? Through our customers. And what were we seeking? To expand, for there to be many more people.

As Fernando Iglesias said a year ago, in reality, Madavi the YES Company  “is a lifetime project for each one of us and it is our way of extending our proposals. There are few of us, but our clients are many, and therefore, what they do is provide us with resources, joy, the ability to learn and carry out our proposal”.

New projects and new customers

We’re heading in the right direction. Every day there are more people, teams and organizations that accompany us in this challenge of “making a more appreciative world”, among them, these five leading companies with whom we have worked in recent months: Red Eléctrica de España, Weleda, Vegalsa, Janssen and Technica Electronics.


REE, accelerating its strategic challenge

Madavi’s team of facilitators worked with the Transport General Directorate at Red Eléctrica de España (REE) to carry out the difficult task of accelerating their strategic challenge. And we did it online, through our platform The YES Planet.

Their great strategic challenge for the next 5 years is: To accelerate the energy transition in Spain and involve the greatest number of people, generating collective action among all those involved.

See case study

Technica Electronics, aligning strategies

The leaders of the firm’s research and development unit, divided between Munich and Barcelona, took part in a summit to align strategies and ways of working. From an analysis of their strengths and competitive advantages, they defined 5 strategic growth axes and designed key projects for their immediate future.

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Weleda, searching for strategies to increase sales

The Spanish team of the natural cosmetics company Weleda was seeking to design strategies to increase sales, focusing both on its customers and on identifying the best ways of working among its teams.

For two days, we held an online summit with the entire sales, marketing and trade marketing team and defined specific actions based on the team’s strengths and aligned not only with their current strategic plan but also with the company’s values.

See case study


Janssen, delivering exceptional value to the customer

With Janssen Spain we facilitated a two-day online Summit, with a team of people representing all functions and business lines. The objective: to deliver exceptional value to the customer and maintain market leadership.

Diverse and innovative initiatives arose, based on the firm’s four pillars of leadership.

See case study

Vegalsa: collective action to become a leader in customer service

Vegalsa, a leading company in the food distribution sector in Galicia, with 264 stores under different brands, hired Madavi in order to become the leader in customer service and to increase sales.

We began with a Summit that gathered 150 people with representation from the stores and the headquarters. Then we carried out 5 initiatives with the stores.

The project will be extended throughout the coming year; we’ll be working with 100 stores and 3,300 people.

Abundance, the appreciative viewpoint (seeing the best of what there is in order to do it more and better), collective action, simultaneity (mobilizing everyone at the same time) are the keys to success.

See case study

Janssen, Weleda, Technica Electronics, Vegalsa and Red Eléctrica de España already form part of the appreciative world, together with the teams from companies like Trops, Eroski, AQ Acentor, Pepe Jeans, Ric Energy, GSK, Pepsico, Danone, Artiem and Rastreator, among others. You can see their case studies here.

But what does it mean to be part of this appreciative universe?

It means addressing the transformation, the change, from strengths, from those positive points which people and organizations do possess.

Companies grow and develop faster when they study the aspects that they do have and do want, instead of investigating the problems. “This is changing the way we change,” one of our own methodologies at Madavi The YES Company.






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