The “magic” of changing an organization’s present from the future

For collective dreams to become reality it is first necessary to change how we look around us, how we act and our own attitude towards life.

Over recent years, we’ve seen hundreds of people who are eager to reinvent themselves, to give meaning to their working lives, having tired of trying methodologies that didn’t work.

At Madavi we have worked and are working with people in companies from different sectors and parts of the world, and our experience ranges from working in a single department to working with entire companies; in some cases, in face-to-face summits; usually, in virtual summits.

However, what lies behind this, the essence, is the same: we are talking about a different way of behaving and establishing relationships with people. We are even talking about a different way of living.

A process of appreciative inquiry always looking for the positive

It’s about changing the focus from observation and criticism to appreciation and recognition, looking for the positive in each interaction between one person and another. In short, what we do is a process of appreciative inquiry, which begins by locating or identifying the strengths of each person and of the team and/or organization instead of looking for what doesn’t work and is going wrong.

A fundamental part of Madavi’s methodology are the questions – but not just any questions, rather, those that inquire about what people have done that they feel proud of, what they’ve done well, what has generated energy, and what strengths and skills they used to achieve it – always with questions that are unconditionally positive.

These types of conversations are very worthwhile.

And that is really important because an organization moves in the direction of its conversations. The conversations that are worthwhile are those which you come away from feeling more energised and better prepared for success , thus enabling increased motivation, productivity, commitment, proactivity and creativity.

Our daily work gives us the opportunity to work together with many people, and we help them to transform difficulties into opportunities. It is seeing the potential of the situation. The secret is to appreciate them differently.

This way of seeing life opens up spaces so that people’s abilities and strengths can be discovered and valued.

Dreams, that attractive image of the future

In our methodology, dreams play a very important part: that is, is having an attractive image of the future for the company as a whole and also for each one of us. If we go towards that attractive future image, we will all mobilize towards it. This is applicable to an organization, to the company, and also from a personal point of view.

With questions that are unconditionally positive and without restrictions, our clients – their people – visualize an attractive image of the future, and realize that the future can be reinvented. This display of the future image is based on the positive core: the best of the organization and of the people who make it up. These are precisely the stories of the future that create the present. Because out of these dreams – aligning strengths towards aspirations – arise the initiatives that will take us there.

When the image of the future is attractive, it generates an energy that moves us all towards action, and drives us towards that “dream”.






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