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Customer experience in retail: the GREAT moment of truth

One of the most talked-about macro trends lately is customer experience. This is the result of many factors, but perhaps the most mentioned and least focused-on is the interaction of the customer with staff in the store. And it is least focused on because it is so unapproachable. A large retail company has hundreds of […]

Eroski, a success story in the retail sector

In a previous article, we talked about how to generate ambition and Sales results through Positive Deviation, that is, in essence, learning from the best experiences of each salesperson. Real stories and applicable learning. In this post, we continue talking about Sales and we’d like to share a Madavi success story in the retail sector, […]

How do you accelerate the strategic challenge in an organization… or in a division? The situation of REE

Health, culture, consumer behavior, business, personal life … The world has evolved lately in giant steps. These are global challenges which require action on the part of companies. And they have done so. Re-invention is inherent to organizations; it is having a new attitude, having a new strategic challenge that takes them further. The question is: how […]

Leadership in the collaborative era is the art of inquiring into what does work

In many ways the art of leadership is the art of asking. But not simply any question. We are referring to questions which are unconditionally positive, and which help us see an opportunity: that is to say what is best and what works. These are questions which do not look for mistakes or weaknesses. They are […]

More appreciative, happier, and more productive

To achieve great success in the market you need people who are passionate, who enjoy their work and feel comfortable and secure enough to ask “stupid” questions or «to disrupt the status quo», which are the only ones that permit you to create something new, claims Warren Berger, author of the book «Glimmer: How design can transform […]