Our resolution for 2024: Make a more appreciative world!

Make a more appreciative world! That is our resolution and wish for 2024.

What is it that joins companies and people together? They both need a resolution or goal for the future. Without a clear goal, companies have no defined direction, while people feel lost in their personal and professional lives. A goal doesn’t has to be something grandiose like saving the world, but it should be something that inspires people to get up every morning and work with passion. Companies with a clear goal are also more attractive to customers and employees, which translates into better performance.

Madavi’s goal is to make a more appreciative world. For more people to benefit from that wonderful thing called “abundance” – which is simply to see the best of what there is, in order to do it more and better; see the opportunity; see what you DO have; the good that already exists… what we could do… “It’s not sh*t, it’s always fertilizer”, as we always say. It is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

What is an appreciative world?

What is an appreciative world? A place where everyone hugs and sings songs? Of course not! An appreciative world is one in which the importance of the good things that happen around us is valued and recognized. It is a world in which people do not focus on the negative, but celebrate and learn from the positive. In a workplace, it is a world in which people recognize and appreciate things that have been done well. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to be happy all the time, but it does mean that we should focus on the good and not take it for granted.

What if we told you that being more appreciative and valuing what we DO have is beneficial for people and business? It translates into higher levels of motivation and productivity at work. So don’t underestimate the power of appreciation!

How an appreciative corporate culture benefits business

An appreciative culture is not only good for the work environment, it also has direct benefits on business performance. Firstly, if we investigate what has been done well, and share and replicate it, the result will be exceptional. More people doing things well, and more times. Simultaneity generates speed. And thus, maintaining this dynamic over time, the system will transform continuously and naturally, and thus our aspirations become the “new normal”.

As well, it reduces staff turnover. When employees feel valued and appreciated, and see that they are taken into consideration – because in an appreciative culture all people matter – they are less likely to look for another job. Besides, an appreciative culture increases the productivity and creativity of employees. When people feel important, free and happy in their workplace, they can focus better on their tasks and freely find innovative solutions. Finally, an appreciative corporate culture permeates the entire organization and thus reaches the customer, which translates into a better, more positive company image.

It’s not about hugging trees or singing Kumbaya, but rather, about understanding that we are part of a whole and that our actions have consequences.

And how do we do this in Madavi? Through our principles.

Our principles for creating a more appreciative world

Our most important principle is freedom; this is fundamental and it is what really allows people to act authentically. Freedom means that those who are present, are present because they want to be. This value is not for us alone, it is also for our clients; in fact, the success that Madavi experiences in all projects is due to the fact that everyone has acted freely. Your employees do what they should because they want to and can.

The second principle is trust; trust is hugely powerful and gives us wings to fly. When there is a lot of trust, we live very well, everything flows. And if that trust doesn’t exist, there is nothing. How can we carry out a process of change, for example, that requires a spectacular level of complicity, if we don’t trust each other?

The third, energy. We maintain an unconditionally positive attitude. Energy is the ability to generate movement. Of course, if there is energy and no trust, we don’t move. When we talk to a customer, we always promise two things in any interaction: that you’ll leave with more energy than you arrived and that you’ll learn something that will be useful to you. That is, Do good to do well (the fourth principle). This means wanting the other person to benefit in any interaction. And the more energy you give, the more you receive.

The fifth principle is abundance, which we’ve already talked about. We put the focus on the best and always find a lot of it. Sixth is simultaneity, that is, we act on the entire system and on all the people, and this is how speed is generated. And the last, equanimity. We relate to each person with the same level of enthusiasm and collaboration. Because we are all important.

Do it with many

And – of course – to create an appreciative world it is necessary to achieve it with many people. We are few, but our clients are many, and therefore, what they do provides us with resources, joy, the ability to learn and carry out our resolution. THANK YOU!

And with that resolution of creating a more appreciative world, we wish you a 2024 that is simply extraordinary!

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