How do you accelerate the strategic challenge in an organization… or in a division? The situation of REE

Health, culture, consumer behavior, business, personal life … The world has evolved lately in giant steps. These are global challenges which require action on the part of companies. And they have done so.

Re-invention is inherent to organizations; it is having a new attitude, having a new strategic challenge that takes them further.

The question is: how do you accelerate this strategic challenge? “Changing the way in which we change”, is our answer.  And in that road map the implication of everybody is the determining ingredient.

The team of facilitators of Madavi is working with the “Dirección General de Transporte de Red Eléctrica de España (REE)” to convert this challenge to accelerate its strategic change into something real. And we have done -of course – online, through our platform The YES Planet.

Collective Action, in only one week!

The “pioneers”, a group of 20 people belonging to this “Direction”, started working together in a pre-summit of one day.

The next step was to mobilize everyone in the same direction, so as to multiply the energy of the change and for each person to be a protagonist.

In three summits*, of 1,5 days each, we brought together in a simultaneous manner everybody involved in this success. More than 300 people. Everyone who forms part of this division participated, as well as other agents of other areas that were involved in this strategic challenge.

We worked with them in different areas of opportunity, and from there arose projects and quick winsrapid actions, effective, easy to carry out, and to get the ball rolling immediately!

In this project, speed was important. And so, within a week everyone had mobilized towards a common objective: namely, to reach an attractive image of the future which they had visualized together.

How was this done? Thanks to change based on strengths, which is our banner.

It is based on appreciating the best of what is: capabilities, connections, resources, and possibilities. All those things that we DO have and which give us success. This is one of our principles, Abundance versus scarcity, which puts all the attention and what is lacking and not on what is functioning.

A positive mind is the food of creativity, expansive and visionary thought, empathy, co-operation, and connection.

The second ingredient of our proposal for change is simultaneity, which arises when you bring together everyone needed to achieve success.  That is why it happens quickly, because it is simultaneous.








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