26 youths define the principles of the “transforming” leader of the future

During the Junior Leadership Campus of the “Fundación Princesa de Girona”, FPdGi, the Madavi team worked with 26 youths on the principles of a new leadership, “Do good to do well leadership”; a leadership capable of mobilising millions of youths in order to transform the planet.

principios liderazgo 

These youths vindicate their central role in society to achieve its  “transformation” and  defend that to maintain an unconditionally positive attitude is key to  a leadership which should also defend equanimity and honesty.

After interviewing 53 exceptional present-day leaders, these youths together, after asking about “summit” moments in their leadership, have defined the following principles that, in their opinion, a “transforming” leader of the future should have:

Principles of leadership “Do good to do well leadership”
  • Unconscious determination: Do not give so much importance to the process, calculating what could happen but rather focus on the result.
  • Sympathetic Direction: managing people and the capacity to empathise without forgetting the results.
  • Empathetic Plasticity: capacity to mould oneself depending on the surrounding relations.
  • Transparent Resilience: reach such a level of transparency that what is transmitted to the team is really positive.
  • Leadership reflected in themselves: leadership by example.
  • Collective self-confidence: synergetic empowering of the team from the individual and vice-versa / and Careful daring: The capacity to jump into a vacuum with a solid baggage of knowledge.
  • Hopeful Resilience: affront the weight of difficulties with renewed and inspired energy.
  • Diversity without complexes: understand that differences are unique opportunities.
  • Responsible inspiration: be able to influence others in a conscious manner
  • Disruptive Curiosity: persistent inquiry by moving out of the comfort zone.

“The world needs young talented leaders, like these, with the illusion to lead a social transformation in any professional field. People who have the desire to create an attractive future for all”, points out Fernando Iglesias, CEO of Madavi.

The Campus of Junior Leadership has taken place in the campus of Puente Nuevo of Naturgy (El Tiemblo, Ávila) promoted by the “Fundación Princesa de Girona” with one objective: To foment the personal and professional growth of youths with an enterprising spirit and a clear restlessness to construct a world with greater justice.