Accelerated learning in disruptive moments such as the present

In moments of disruption do not complain or ask yourself what is good about this situation, ask yourself: what is the potential? The potential is enormous because the disruption that we are living is changing the rules of the game and the learning to be derived has an incalculable value.

Now, when we are at our most vulnerable, we have realized that we rely upon those people who are in the front line such as the health workers and the transport sector. Our gratefulness rises up and we applaud them but in reality this interdependence is a constant in our lives.

Vulnerability can be lived in two ways: you can allow yourself to sink or you can realize just how interdependent you are really are. Accept and assimilate that you have been able to live all your life thanks to the others who do their jobs. Interdependence means that each one of us are nothing without the other. The question now is: What do I contribute? What can I do?

It is the moment to be very appreciative

This is the moment to be very appreciative. That means to look for the best in any circumstance. It is about focusing on the potential each situation has. Not what is positive but rather what its potential is.

In the professional world, How to learn quickly to work connected? You learn by the Expansive Circle, by analyzing the situation in an appreciative manner and having conversations that are worthwhile: The best of the day before, how to do it even better today and generate collective action. Only movement generates movement.

This appreciative method is to be used in all circumstances, in the professional, personal and family environments. We now focus on what is most needed and we continue to give value so we can come out of this disruptive situation being better persons, better professionals and with a better society.

In moments of disruption there is maximum potential for learning. Let us take advantage of it.

Accelerated learning in moments of disruption, in “Humanos in the office”

Fernando Iglesias spoke about this accelerated learning in moments of disruption in the program “Humanos in the office” of last Friday the 20th of March. You can listen to this program in the following  link.

In this program intervened two excellent professionals of two extraordinary companies with which Madavi works: Josu Madariaga, Responsable of Customer  Experience of Eroski, and Antonio Guillermo, CEO of Libnova, a company which based in El Espinar in Segovia has managed to become the world’s number one in digital preservation. Two examples of how it is possible to see the potential in this situation.

Josu Madariaga told us how all everyone is giving their best, both the customers, with their constant shows of gratefulness, as well as the 28,000 persons on their platforms and in their shops. “Everyone is bringing out the best that they have and putting it at the disposal of others. It is going to change the way in which we relate to each other.”.

With this same appreciative spirit, Antonio Guillermo explained that his team is working with a very high level of energy. “We have to exit this better than the way we entered in and we have to help those around us and our country”.

Free Webinars on Accelareted Learning in moments of disruption

 Fernando Iglesias wanted to share with the audience of “Humanos in the office” that Madavi has taken the decision to put its capacity at the disposition of everybody and to give their time for free.

Madavi has already started to offer free facilitation to those people or virtual groups who wish to learn the accelerated way of working connected.

The Madavi team is offering free webinars on Accelerated Learning in moments of disruption. In our Linkedin page you can find more information about our sessions.

“We shall surely find in many cases positive deviation”, Fernando Iglesias commented on the radio. “Positive deviation is a form of change that I love. It is based on an observation: in every community there are people or groups of people who have different strategies and with the same resources generate exceptional results”.

Share it: # desdecasainclusomejor (Fromhomevenbetter)

“So, if from home you manage to achieve something brilliant please share it on the hashtag #desdecasainclusomejor”, he added.  “Some things occur even better now; Let us take note of these things to keep them for the future”.

Already on video on webinar «Accelerated learning for working connected»

Although we have been talking about the increase in teleworking…