Boosting Sales in 3 phases

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One of the questions that all companies ask is how to boost their Sales, especially in these moments of transformation. At Madavi the YES company we have a formula to achieve:

  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Margins
  • Aligning the whole organization towards Sales

Boosting Sales in 3 phases:


Phase 1 – Take Off – Alingning strhenghts towards aspirations

2 – 3 days

You bring together, either face-to-face or virtually, a subset of the organization which represents the whole system.

In this meeting, the whole of the system which we want to mobilise is aligned towards sales.

Each and every one of the participants design how to contribute and come out having generated collective action.




“What we do want”

All the strengths of the organization are aligned towards the client.

Phase 2  – Positive Deviation: Move the whole system

1 – 1,5 days

Through these sessions, we reach the whole sales team in a matter of weeks.

We inquire into what is exceptional
for the clients and what is already happening.

We use Positive Deviation. We bring out
all the capacity that each person has to contribute.

From these impulses arise initiatives that are put into effect the next day.


Phase 3  – DNA: Clients

day by day

We are successful in keeping the initiatives and behaviour within the organization.

We achieve this through the methodology called Expansive Circle, putting emphasis on that which is repeated: the DNA. This guarantees that the learning is constant.

The change comes about in the direction of the objectives of customer service, from the knowledge of the client.




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