How do you generate ambition and results in Sales?

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Positive Deviation is a way of changing based on an observation: in every community, whether a company, a town, a group, there are people or groupings of people who have different behaviours or strategies that generate exceptional results with the same resources.

In this 90 second video, we explain it to you:


Better results in Sales thanks to Positive Deviation

In Sales, the usual approach is to analyze the negative deviation; study the results; focus on the worst and analyze why things didn’t work. As a result, you obtain a lot of excuses, you lose energy and you shift the blame somewhere else. People become experts on what doesn’t work instead of being experts on what works.

With Madavi’s methodology, people come out of sales meetings with more energy and better prepared to succeed.

It begins by sharing the best success stories, learning from the best experiences of each salesperson. Real stories and applicable learning.

With this learning, they discuss how to do even better next week, bridging the gaps that previously seemed unattainable.

This process generates collective action: people have the personal goals of generating positive deviation for the benefit of the whole. It’s a learning system; it’s a system of trial and success.

At company level, the controllers track positive deviations in all parts of the organization pointing the way to success; raising the bar and creating a culture of exceptional achievement throughout the company. It’s the easy way.

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