How do you impulse the whole company towards Sales and the Client: By Positive Deviation.

Desviación positiva

In this post and video, Fernando Iglesias, founder and CEO of Madavi, explains how to align the whole Company towards Sales and the Client, and how to apply a form of change called Positive Deviation.

How do you impulse the whole company towards Sales and the Client with the objective of obtaining exceptional results?

This process is based on “Changing the way in which we change”; in Abundance (putting attention in the best of what is) and Simultaneity.

A form of change called Positive Deviation

Simultaneity occurs, in this case, by aligning the whole organization towards Sales, and the abundance equals the positive deviation:  by analysing what is  exceptional, it becomes a form of transformation based on the following observation: In every community there are people or groups of people who have behaviours or/and unusual strategies, so that with the same resources obtain exceptional results.

In  Sales meetings, the usual thing to do is to present different indicators and figures, and to analyse those that have not been achieved or have not gone well in order to find out why.

Our suggestion for success is to do exactly the opposite: See what has worked with the objective of learning and doing it more and better.

A process of change in three phases: Summit, Impulses and Meetings 

In the SUMMIT, everyone who has to be aligned with Sales has to be present. It can be 30 or 300 people. All the strengths of the Company are aligned towards the aspirations of the client in the sense of the opportunities.

IMPULSES – We include all the strength of Sales in groups of 30 to 300 people. We mobilise them towards a positive deviation, we investigate what is exceptional for the clients, sharing it with all the strength of Sales.

Thirdly, the MEETINGS, which is what is most often repeated. We work with conversations that worth having, which have two characteristics: you leave with more energy than with which you entered and more ideas for having success.

These conversations are carried out in a simpler format than the traditional one and are much more effective.

The meeting always starts by sharing the best of what has happened. Then we analyse if there has been positive deviation in order to share the learning and co-create so as to make it even better and thereafter unfold the collective action.

A system of continuous learning

The way to implant it is always by an inverted pyramid,  starting with the client and finishing with the work of the Commercial Director, so that from the beginning information starts to reach the top  of what DOES work with the client,  and from the hierarchy orders can be sent that are approved of by the clients. And this happens once and again finding continuously the positive deviation that expands throughout all the organisation and so becomes a system of continuous learning.

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