Madavi arrives in Portugal

Madavi Portugal

Madavi has arrived in Portugal with its own team led by Margarida Partidário, and with its first projects for companies in the Retail sector. In Spain, in the Consumer Goods sector we present the exceptional case of Eroski, which has gone from 68% to 83% in customer satisfaction in the stores with whom Madavi has worked, placing them at number 1 in their area in customer satisfaction. We are taking part in transformation processes with companies such as Pepsico, Salesforce, Pepe Jeans, Repsol and Red Eléctrica, among many others.

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Madavi, expanding

Madavi is going through a major expansion phase, which means growing in terms of projects at international level, as well as in billing and in its team. “Our goal is for 35% of our revenue to come from international projects”, explains Fernando Iglesias, CEO of Madavi.

Fernando Iglesias

“We are one hundred percent remote and on-line, and we have an excellent team. And given that, we are ready to work with many more people, and for more companies to benefit from one of our Principles, that of abundance, which is simply seeing the best of what there is, in organizations and in people, in order to do more and better; seeing the opportunity, what you DO have, the good that already exists… the things you could do even better…”.

Change based on one’s strengths is our rallying cry, this means asking ourselves: “What has always happened in companies when something is not going well?” They analyze the causes of the problem, search for a solution and apply an action plan. It’s the paradigm of scarcity, of ‘what we don’t have’.

Madavi proposes the opposite paradigm, that of abundance. “Instead of focusing on the problems, let’s take advantage of this situation to create change at a higher level. Awakening a more positive self-image within people has an impact on the entire organization and, therefore, allows us to go faster and further”.