The 3 things which our clients most ask us

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“HHRR -The 3 things which our clients most ask us

Do you want to know what are the 3 things that our clients ask us? We summarize it in this post, starting with the culture and business transformation.

1 Cultural and business transformation

Lets us start with the objective of the business. Culture and business are two sides of the same coin. We mobilize a lot of people in a short time and so the transformation transformation arrives to stay. We make sure it acts directly on the DNA, on what each organization repeats on a daily basis.

2 Intermediate management, is the real motor

We transform simultaneously the leadership of all the intermediate management and their individual contributors. Creating at the same time transversal movement and generating a high capacity of execution of the system as a whole. You can always start with a team.

3 Our methodology adapts from one person to the whole system.

A team that is moving, energized and aligned, has a multiplier effect on the organization.

Alining strengths towards aspirations in the sense of opportunities

In madavi we align strengths towards aspirations in the sense of opportunities. We act on culture and business at the same time.

Why madavi?

Because it is for everyone.  We activate the energy and talent of everyone. We give impulse and boost complete commercial teams, for example 600 persons in 6 weeks.

Because it is fast. We act simultaneously and the collective action guarantees speed in achieving results.

Because we use collective intelligence. We use the strengths of the whole system. Between all of us we know it all.

Because it is versatile. We have the capacity of doing it online of face-to-face.

What our clients say


“Madavi facilitated a way of working towards a model based on self-responsability, collaborative leadership, the simplification of processes and the inter-relationship between departments. The hope adn the action plans which came out of the Summit have continued to exist over time and have gone out even further” – Beatriz Malpartida, People Development Lead | Schweppes Suntory Iberia


“The work carried out with Madavi has meant a change in the way of seeing things. Two changes of paradigm: abundance and simultaneity. And as a result of both of these, collective intelligence: ‘between all of us we know it all’. Valuing what we all know is undoubtedly a third leg which has helped us to start changing and envolving towards that process of cultural transformation, which is not a process of one or two days but rather a process which will probably last several years” – Jose Guillermo Diaz Montañés , Ceo | Artiem Hotels

“The confidence and autonomy to take decisions that we have transmitted to our employees in the shops has been one of the keys a new way of relating with and looking at our clients.”     Josu Madariaga, Director of Customer Experience Department | Eroski

“At this moment the session with Madavi with Fernando and Coe has been a breath of fresh air. I would like to highlight 2 aspects:
 1 You can work online in an agile and fun way. Indeed, the fact that it was online became an anecdote because the platform used was even more interactive than when we do dynamics in rooms or workshops.
2 The objective we sought was achieved: to align the whole organization to look for what is positive and multiply collective action. In the words of one participant: “a shot of energy” – David Nuñez Rodriguez, Regional Vice President | Salesforce
“A key part of the process has been to count with the direct implication of a representation of our principal spokesmen both internally (local innovation teams, quality control, engineering and operations fundamentally), and externally (suppliers of ingredients, of engineering…)” –  Elena Vela Roca Innovation at SITEX | Danone

“The energy  is surprising and the confidence with which the Madavi Team transmits its positivity, its philosophy of “bringing out the best” in each person, group or company to enhance its strengths and overcome its limiting fears in situations of pfofund change. Results:
• 82,35% general satisfaction level.
• Average 4,12/5 value the session has contributed towards the commercial function.
• Average 4,29/5 liked the on-line methodology” – Paz Barroso, Barroso Internal Communication & Learning Manager | Macmillan Iberia


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