The YES Planet, activates in an immediate manner and with speed the transformation

“In The YES Planet 85% of the time you are the protagonist”

The YES Planet is the next best thing to being physically together. A platform where everyone uses their energy and talent.

The participants connect with a simple click to an experience which is both personally close and highly productive, and which requires different interactions:

  • Plenary.
  • Couples.
  • Groups.
  • Presentations.


The facilitators propose a dynamic to use collective intelligence.


The participants are divided in couples to carry out interviews and dialogues; an intimate chat that guarantees the equality of each person´s opinion.


The participants are divided in groups to co-create together what they will later present. The groups are assisted by facilitators.


Each one the groups go up onto the “stage” and present what they have learned and their proposals before the rest of the participants, who listen in an appreciative  fashion. Appreciative means that you always look for the best in any circumstance, for its potential, however, complicated it may be.

In The YES Planet, 85% of the time you are the protagonist. The Madavi team makes it easy.

Who form the Madavi team in The YES Planet?

  • Appreciative facilitators, directing dynamics based on abundance and giving support.
  • A Graphic facilitator, conceptualizing in real time.
  • A Producer who edits live on the screens that one can see. Transporting participants and/or facilitators and creating simultaneous communication channels from many to many.

The client saves resources, reduces drastically the impact on the environment and activates in an immediate manner and with speed the transformation.

The YES Planet, is a personally close and highly productive experience.

Let us show you on this video:

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