Eroski, a success story in the retail sector

In a previous article, we talked about how to generate ambition and Sales results through Positive Deviation, that is, in essence, learning from the best experiences of each salesperson. Real stories and applicable learning.

In this post, we continue talking about Sales and we’d like to share a Madavi success story in the retail sector, Eroski.

In this video, Josu Madariaga, director of Customer Experience, tells us his story: “At Eroski we have always had the desire to be the best in customer service”. How did it go for them?

Josu Madariaga explains how in 2018, with the support of Madavi, they set off towards that goal of being the best in customer service, taking a path radically different from what they had done until then.

They chose a few stores to experiment with a “brave but quite risky approach” that gave great autonomy to the people in the stores; an approach that made them the key players.

Customer perception of Eroski service rose from 68 to 83%

Customer perception  of the service and the relationship they had with Eroski jumped from 68% to 83% in a very short space of time, as we heard in the video.

These stores continue to be leaders in their areas as time goes on, and therefore, as Josu Madariaga affirms, “what we have achieved in these stores is that the results in customer service are reproduced on an ongoing basis”.

Does this customer service make a difference in Sales? The Eroski team began to investigate and discovered something very interesting: “When Sales are made with the customers feeling grateful and they feel we’ve given them something more just than the product, sales are much higher”, the team noted.

“The result seen in the mirror is spectacular; where the store staff themselves are put at the centre, we have achieved growth of 15 to 20%”.

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