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means changing the way we change

We replace the usual paradigms of scarcity and sequentiality
with those of abundance and simultaneity.
Our approach is based on aligning the organization’s strengths with its aspirations
by focusing on the opportunities.
The aspirations are always greater, more motivating and more demanding than the objectives

The goal of madavi

is to create three essential capacities for our clients and their organizations:

1 The ability to mobilize many individuals towards a single shared
vision of the future in order to accelerate change.
2 The capacity to use collective intelligence and joint action on a daily basis
in order to improve productivity and increase the speed of executionn.
3 The ability to learn more quickly than the speed at which changes
take place in the surrounding environment.

Our clients ask us to make their change agenda a reality.
We give them the capacity to simultaneously align all of their potential.
Together we get people to do what they should do because they want to.

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they talk about us

Excellent work days in S21 sec with Madavi, designing the next steps in the growth and evolution of the company.The summit of “S21 sec. One team, OneCompany, One vision” was a success and allowed us to achieve a very high level of participation based on the strengths of the company and above all involvement and commitment with a large representation of different areas , departments, and geographically diverse and. To quote one of the catch phrases of Madavi, “achieving change through simultaneity” ( participation and involvement of a large number of people in the process of transformation and growth) and abundance ( avoiding that the participation and communication be reduced to the chain of command).

A great experience and a great team of professionals led by Fernando.

Congratulations to all The Madavi team for the work done with S21sec.

Agustín Muñoz-GrandesCEOS21sec

“For me Fernando signifies transformation in its pure essence. It could be his paradox, the one that puts him among the best salesmen I know and yet the most altruistic motivation, aspiring to wisdom; it may be that unstable equilibrium that pushes you into movement; it may be his habit of “believing is seeing” instead of the usual “seeing is believing” that is contagious; or the ability to see people with huge potential where others see limited characters, or collective intelligence, where others see threats … even more contagious … I do not know what it is, but he transforms people, and the teams come behind, even though his primary tool is to transform people. A binding spiral bound that pushes you to your advantage even if you do not want to. Sufficiently confusing? …That is Fernando. Not an usual coach, it is an experience. Therefore it makes little sense to try to understand what he is doing before you live it. I have lived it and I am seeing how everything, inside and out, is transforming”

José Manuel CabreraIT Strategic Planning ManagerRepsol

With Madavi and Fernando as facilitator, I have learned to align the team towards ambitious objectives in a positive way, and to generate a collective movement that takes us to the next level in Salesforce Iberia.

Enrique PoloSpain Country Leader & Area Vice PresidentSalesforce

I don’t know if coincidences really exist, but we “bumped” into Fernando on our journey towards transformation and re-invention. First of all we were captivated by his path breaking, innovative and different approach. Later by his guidance in helping us learn how to bring out the best of each of us and to include other points of view, as well as, making us come out of our comfort zone. He has been fundamental in creating our own story of that future which we wanted to create. After this journey together with the blue stones, the strengths and abilities and many other “terms” which now form part of our way of doing things and have been integrated into our daily vocabulary. I thank Fernando for helping us to make this journey and to be able to continue enjoying the many successes that await us.

Eva LouzaoVP Cloud HR ServicesMeta4