On April 28, World Day for Safety, Health and Wellbeing at Work, we facilitated two simultaneous online sessions with 600 people to design the new Safety and Health Plan. These 600 people worked on the design of the different Areas of Opportunity. We used the collective intelligence of all the participants to do this.

Redeia is truly concerned about the wellbeing of the people who work in the company.

“Take care of yourself, take care of others and let yourself be taken care of.”

These are the areas of opportunity we worked on:

1.- Continuous learning.

We start from the lessons learned to then go further. Knowledge from the entire system (redeia and contractors) is used to achieve improvement collaboratively.

We promote dialogue both internally and with our suppliers.

2.- Tecnology for YES.

Robotization, decreased repetitiveness and use of technology to improve the ergonomics and safety of different tasks. Use of AI for automation.

3.- Ordered and well-sized processes.

Clarity in processes, taking account of conditioning factors from third parties, time and resources needed for each operation. Guarantee the necessary time and transmit this to all actors in the value chain, both internal (supplies, operations, corporate services) and external (suppliers and also the administration).

4.- Safe emotions. 

Include psychosocial and emotional aspects of safety and well-being in all processes. Investigate and include what makes people feel safe. Put ourselves in a position to evaluate where we are, what we are going to do and if there is anything that could affect a person’s work.

Safety leads to the happiness that makes us attractive. Attracting talent can bring more safety, reinforcing this virtuous circle.

5.- For EVERYONE. 

Safety in all locations and functions. Internalize each of the actions that imply safety and convert them into habits. Go beyond the procedure and training. Transcend, going outside the organization: reach families, contractors and administrations. Safety is for everyone. We want everyone to get home safe and sound.

In a second phase of the project, more than 200 people met in two online summits, one of them with the division of Redeia Latin America Peru and Chile (Redinter) and the other with Redeia suppliers such as Elecnor, Cobra, Applus+ and Técnica 4, responsible for areas of occupational and technical risks, to involve them in the design of the new Occupational Safety and Health plan for the year 2024.

🎉   The result of these two on-line summits was spectacular! And now everyone is working, starting from what has come out of the 4 summits, to see each other again in September!