A great project that we have facilitated with Spanish electricity firm REE during the first half of 2022. The objective of this project is to speed up as much as possible their major strategic challenge for the next 5 years: Accelerate the energy transition in Spain and involve the greatest number of people, generating collective action among all the protagonists. And, of course, we are doing it online, through our platform The YES Planet.

It started with the “pioneers”, a group of 20 people from the firm’s management, working together in a one-day pre-summit.

The next step was to get everyone moving in the same direction -to make possible the energy transition (the basic proposal) and to multiply the energy for change and for each individual to be a protagonist and accelerate it.

In three summits, of 1.5 days each, we simultaneously brought together all the people involved in the success. More than 300 people. All those forming part of this management participated, as well as actors from other areas linked to the strategic challenge.

We worked with them in different areas of opportunity, and from there 8 projects and different quick wins have emerged: rapid, effective, executable actions that can be started right now!

In this project, speed was important. And so, within a week, all those taking part had already been mobilized towards a common goal: achieving an attractive image of the future that they had visualized together.

How? Thanks to change based on strengths, which is our true emblem, founded on appreciating the best of what there is: capacities, connections, resources and possibilities. Everything that we  DO have and that makes us successful. This is one of our principles, that of Abundance, in contrast with Scarcity, which puts all the attention on what is missing, on what does not work.

A positive mind prepares the ground for creativity, expansive and visionary thinking, empathy, cooperation and connection.

The second ingredient of our proposal for change is  simultaneity, which arises through bringing together all the people necessary to achieve success. That way, you can move fast; because it is simultaneous.

After the Summits, we celebrated the post-summit with more than 300 people at a time on our platform, The Yes Planet. Team by team, they presented the evolution of the 8 projects they have been working on which will make possible their strategic challenge: to speed up the energy transition.