Facilitators of change, we make the transformation of your company easy

Facilitadores del cambio

We are living a great disruptive change in real time. A simple mental exercise. Can you imagine working in offices completely full of people? Shaking hands with everyone you come across at work? Traveling from meeting to meeting? That was our day to day only three months ago.

We are living a unique existential moment that will certainly mark a point of inflection in our lives and also in our organizations.

Due to Covid19, the corporate cultures of companies, their organizational structures and the dynamics of traditional work is being reinvented in giant strides, and it is very probable that those companies that are not able to learn and transform will fall by the wayside. Change is the only option.

The ecosystem of change is not new; it has not been born as a result of this crisis; the leading companies have already included change as part of their DNA. But this crisis has accelerated the process of change and learning and made them ineludible.

Some tendencies which were spoken about a few months ago have become priorities, for example, the digital transformation and the move from hierarchy to “netarchy”.

Companies with a purpose, for a better World

On the other hand, this crisis has overturned Company paradigms which were already becoming obsolete. Compared to companies that only existed to make money, each day we find more organizations with a purpose. Madavi for example, wants to make a more appreciative world and to reach the paradigm that natural growth natural consists in that all those activities which your company carries out make the world and society grow. It is the balance between the triple profit sheet of: Planet, People and Profit.

And that talent which has gained in strength by working at a distance needs new levers of motivation to identify with that trademark it no longer lives with spatially. Leaders, on their part need to develop new management behavior to manage teams in a radically different situation.

Facilitators of change: we who make things easier

The good news is that these changes are really opportunities. The potential of a time like the present is enormous as long as we know how to channel it. It is very probable that to channel it we need to make the journey accompanied by a facilitator of change.

What we propose in Madavi is to align strengths towards aspirations in the sense of those opportunities. By being appreciative, we see more strengths and potential that our own clients themselves.

What are we? Consultants, coaches, collaborators… NO. We are Facilitators, that is to say, we are those who make things easier. We make the change easy.

We act simultaneously, on both the culture and the business, and we facilitate the transformation of your company in three steps. We tell you how here.