How to Mobilize Abundande

According to the law of transformation: the most rapid and effective method is to mobilize simultaneously the best of what exists towards goals and aspirations.

Two dominating paradigms impede us.

The first dominating paradigm is sequentially: first, one thinks – but only amongst a few-, then you communicate, deploy and control. All of this according to the meaning marked out in the organigram.

The second paradigm is to look at the system as if it were something broken, focusing attention on what we do NOT want, on the problems and what we do NOT have, on the weaknesses. It is the paradigm of scarcity.

The key is to change the way in which we change. To move from managing scarcity to Mobilising Abundance.

Instead of sequentially we need to ask ourselves: What persons do we need to mobilize to achieve the objectives?

With this group of persons, we put into practise a process of collective intelligence in five steps.

The first is to align the abundance towards what you do want: the optimum state of functioning of the organisation to reach the objectives and to satisfy the persons involved.

The second is to feed the abundance discovering what you do have: strengths, know how, access and the potential of the present moment; the positive core; all that which you can mobilize and align towards the objective.

The third is to imagine a world of abundance. What would the ideal be like if we valued all the potential in the positive core? It is not worth while betting only a little.

The fourth is to design areas of opportunity inspired by the imagination which takes us to the objective and gets us closer to what we aspire.

The fifth is to plan the action as a combination of decisions in which each team and each person has a clear what his mission is, thereby, generating collective action.

Simultaneous action arises in three days and it is simultaneity which gives velocity.


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