The Rocket Awards are born to recognize the exceptional results of our clients

We are incredibly lucky because we work with companies that have exceptional teams, and we want to give them our own personal tribute. That is why in Madavi we have inaugurated the Rocket Awards which recognize those clients of ours that have achieved exceptional results.

To give form to this award what better than the symbol of Madavi, the rocket, the vehicle which propels us upwards to the greatest of heights.

An award for extraordinary people that do exceptional things.

Eroski, the first Rocket Award

The Rocket Award has already its first winner. We have just recognized with this distinction the Eroski shops involved in the 1st and 2nd phase of the project “To be the best in the world in Customer Service”. They make up more than 1000 people in 29 shops.

They increased the satisfaction of the customer from 67 to 84%, and in some shops up to 87%

Congratulations; it is an honor to accompany you on this project!

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