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The Summits: keys to promote cultural change

Appreciative inquiry is a methodology to transform the culture and business of organizations that work simultaneously. At Madavi, we change the way organizations change; and for that, instead of analyzing the problems, we inquire about what we call “Peak Moments”. A Summit is a collaborative event for many: 20, 50, 100, 200 or more people. […]

An Appreciative look: it is manure!

It is of interest to distinguish between “what is positive and what is appreciative”. By positive we understand “something” favorable that has happened to us in circumstances that we believe are to our benefit. To appreciate is to see “the best of what is”, the potential, what is good, what is positive, what can be […]

How much positivism do we need?

Barbara Fredrickson and Marcial Losada have demonstrated that to be in top mental form the ratio between positive and negative mental states has to be at least 3 to 1. Maintaining this ratio enormously affects our energy, resilience and capacity to be creative and to act. However, a great part of actual management techniques concentrates […]

Inquire into success

All of us have received and given congratulations to many people. Someone does a good job and we congratulate him. So far so good since the intention is good and we want to motivate the person. What happens when we congratulate someone?  Normally he thanks us and that is the end of the conversation. The […]

An attractive image of the future

Fred Polak in his book “Image of the Future” argued that the rise and fall of imaged preceded the rise and fall of the civilizations that harbored them. When a culture has a positive image of the future, science, art, commerce and all the other aspects of a culture flourish. However, when the image of […]

Collective Intelligence and Jazz

Collective intelligence is a lot like Jazz. When jazz musicians interpret a piece, this has a base previously agreed upon, but the best begins when one musician departs from what has been previously established and the rest follow in an effective improvisation. That is when concerts gain their maximum intensity and connection with the public, […]