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Pepe Jeans, on his experience with Madavi: “It has been super positive; has mobilized the people “

Javier Raventós, of Pepe Jeans, evaluates his experience with Madavi: “The experience has been really positive. It has mobilized people, and above all it has given the teams the capacity to do things and to transform, as well as empowering them   and that is a potent factor.” Someone said that large companies become so and maintain […]

Women in Leadership, a complete change of paradigme

Women in Leadership – The creation of a balanced world. To create a more balanced world it is necessary to change the paradigm of leadership amongst both men and women. This is already happening in many companies. A good example is Meta4, a technological company, where feminine leadership is included in the organizational culture and compliments […]

Female leadership, challenges and opportunities

By Ana García Villas-Boas, partner at Madavi In Spain, women represent only 19% of Management Committees and 11%  of Executive Committees, even if it has been proved that companies with a greater number of women in leadership positions achieve better results. 58% of university graduates in Spain are women, however this fact has not led to an […]

How to Mobilize Abundande

According to the law of transformation: the most rapid and effective method is to mobilize simultaneously the best of what exists towards goals and aspirations. Two dominating paradigms impede us. The first dominating paradigm is sequentially: first, one thinks – but only amongst a few-, then you communicate, deploy and control. All of this according […]