“Collective intelligence” around the world. Madavi with the Weidmüller and Botify teams

At Madavi we started the year sharing a resolution: our wish to create a more appreciative World, and to achieve that with many – that is, reaching more companies.

In the business dimension, this means growing in terms of international projects, billing and team. Our goal is for 35% of our billing to come from international projects. And in pursuit of that, every day we are working globally with more customers.

We work, transforming business and culture, with international teams, connecting people from all over the World to help them see the best of what there is, to make more and make it better. This is what we call “collective intelligence”, which means that “we use the strengths of the entire system”.

And we do it through our platform The Yes Planet. We can do it because we are one hundred percent remote and online, and we have an amazing team.

In this post, we want to share two of these projects, with the companies Weidmüller and Botify.

The paradigm shift in Weidmüller; from scarcity to abundance

In this project, we worked with directors, managers and technicians of the Weidmüller Group, from different business areas related to Sales, in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Germany, Romania, South Africa, North Africa, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

The goal: to increase Sales. With that roadmap, Madavi’s facilitators led Weidmüller in a discussion of “positive deviation”, which basically consists of observing those who achieve exceptional results from the same resources.

They also analyzed the best experiences with their customers to design excellent commercial interactions, aiming to do more and better and, of course, to sell more.

The result of the session?

  • A major injection of motivation to the team.
  • A greater connection with their customers, since they had carried out prior research with them.
  • Paradigm shift: from scarcity to abundance, and from sequentiality to simultaneity. A change that made it possible for “natural leaders” to flourish.

This paradigm shift means focusing on the “Yes, we have it”, on strengths (abundance), as opposed to scarcity, that is, weaknesses or problems. At Madavi we always say that if we focus on detecting problems, they grow, multiply and become more solid.

Simultaneity is achieved by bringing together, at the same time and in the same place, all the people necessary to achieve success. That way you can go fast; because it’s simultaneous.

In this video, we share the impressions of some of the participants:

Bofity, dynamizing the company from culture to business 

In the case of Botify, we worked with 5 teams from seven countries (Australia, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia and Spain) with a challenging goal: Develop areas of opportunity to dynamize the company from culture to business. And as well, we did it by working from the strengths of each one, that is, from abundance and simultaneity.

Through abundance and simultaneity, it’s possible to speed up the processes and transformation of organizations.

People from Fast Track (the initiator company) also participated in this project.

This is how the participants experienced it:

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